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IMG_6363 - Other than having a cigarette, calling the local news organizations is the first thing to be done.
IMG_6365 - Bart showing he can still stand up
IMG_6366 - I wonder if there is an on off switch?
IMG_6368 - Would you get you finger out of my mouth?
  Bart phone home  
  You don't see that on a Playstation  
  Was that as tough on you as it was on me?  
  Not yet another doctor  
IMG_6370 - My first vodka tonic in 9 months
IMG_6373 - Can you say
IMG_6374 - I can see a possible career in hair dressing already.
IMG_6378 - So that's where the birds and bees come from..
  That was easy!  
  First press photo session  
  Mom and Sidney  
  Say what?  
IMG_6380 - The no cell phone business only applies to doctors and nurses
IMG_6385 - I guess a waiter and glass of wine is out of the question
  Lots of plating opportunities  
  Don't you just love Italian hospital food  
  And this little piggy..  
IMG_6392 - Don't worry kid, you can shave your head when you grow up
IMG_6395 - It'll be a few years before this kid sees Grecian Formula
  Who needs a big screen TV  
  Game on  
  Good Grief!  
  This end works  
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