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stork Sidney's First Two Months

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pacifier Birth to Three Months

baby Birth to Three Months Cont...

rattle Three Months to Six Months

bottle Seven Months to Ten Months

cake Sidney's First Birthday

Here is an assortment of photos on Sidney

collection timeframe link
Baby Shower March 17, 2005 Not official as I wasn't exactly there yet, but you can see the photos here. They were taken by Vicky
GranPa's (Big Al) Mostly hospital Has some movie clips (need high speed) and you can leave comments. Click here.
My Own Shots Easterish Catch them here as thought by Sidney at the time (really!).
Our own early photos Pretty much all of March 2005 From Tracey and Bart's own camera, hospital shots, screaming kid, at home. Oh and a guestbook too. 94 photos to keep one busy. Click here.

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