Hi There!, I'm Nickle

I love getting dressed up for Halloween

(of course we're far from Halloween, but Mom, the webmeister insisted)

Nickle the Wonder Dog
<BGSOUND src="graphics/dogpant.wav" loop="2">

I'm not sure the photo does me justice-the lighting is less than perfect. I tried to tell the photographer, but do you think anyone listens? Sometimes the only way to get any attention is to urinate in Big Al's room. He doesn't have the best sense of smell so it kind of works out.


If you're responding to my personal ad, let's get the particulars out of the way. I'm about six, non smoker, good health, financially secure with a good sense of humor. Enjoy long walks in the park, stuffed animalsAnother stupid hat (particularly if they make noise) and squirrels and rabbits-just love'em-maybe not as much as M&M's, but a lot). Very affectionate when the time is right. Really not into a LTR as I am sort of attached to Tracey & my Step Father Bart and Lord knows, they need me around to keep things in perspective. If I didn't get them up every three hours, they wouldn't just be on the sofa-they'd be part of it.

If interested, drop me a line here.

Care to see my great (2004) summer vacation?

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