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This is a collection of photos and some videos. They are categorized based on events (like parties and weddings), holidays (Halloween is a holiday for us), family, vacations and other (in case we couldn't figure out where else to put them). Supposedly, they are then sorted from most recent to earliest. Because these albums have been moved around, some links in them may not work-we'll fix that, but in the meantime-live with it. Sidney of course, is scattered around the entire site. The last column indicates NS for no Sidney, SS for Some Sidney and LS for Lotta Sidney. Note: clicking a link will OPEN a new window on your browser (in case a link fails).

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v Sep 2005

Sidney's first "international" trip to a foreign destination using her own passport. But then maybe Bermuda is not so foreign.

v all

This page links to a single vacation page covering other links to Africa in 2003, Lake Placid in 2003, Peru and South America in 2004, Scotland in 2004 and France in 2005. No sense reinventing the wheel so to speak. This is a direct link to the 2005 "weekend" trip with the Gumbingers to France as there are numerous images of Sidney as well as several videos (including two excellent (as usual) ones by Bobbi) and an album or two. Sidney's own video by Bobbi can also be directly accessed here or Bobbi's photographic video journal (alert-this is a pretty big file) is here.

v Aug 2005

Sidney's first trip to a "real vacation" beach with the Jamieson family.

e June 2005

Sidney's first trip on a train. Great video and a photo album (in case there is no high speed access) for her visit to New York City (at age 70 days!).

v Jan 2003

Ireland in winter. What a great road trip with the Gumbingers. Eating, drinking, golf, birding (or is that hawking), drinking. We stole three of Bobbi's videos (hey, trying to save her bandwidth): Ireland 1 and Ireland 2 and Seamus.

e March 2005

A Baby Shower for Sidney. The album is here.

e July 2004

Kollmorgan Wedding...collection of three photo albums surrounding Crystal and Justin's wedding. The very best one by Tracey is here and includes two videos and two albums. Another here (commentable vs commendable) and the last one here.

e May 2004

The White Party...two albums and some video and so on regarding the infamous "White Party." One highly recommended link is here that includes video and albums while another here.

h October 2002

Halloween party at the Brutscher's way back when. Not really on this site, but The Godmother has it on her site so we figured we could use her bandwidth. It can be reached here.

h Christmas 2002

Christmas Party video created by Bobbi (best vocalist of the year BTW). This is very, very good. Also available on her site. There is also an old photo album of the annual traditional Christmas Party (the very first one).

e Mid or so 2002

Micro Brew Festival (as in beer) and the great Kennett Mushroom Festival are available on Bobbi's site.

e May 2002

The Wedding...Tracey and Bart's wedding in St. Thomas. What more is there to say. Well actually there is as it seems a number of other photos and videos are missing-that is another weekend project. However, we were able to borrow from Bobbi a super video she did and that is also available on her web page. Bobbi has created a number of these video albums and they are worth watching even if you don't know anyone.

h Thanksgiving 2005

The families converge on Tracey and Bart's home. See it here.

h Halloween 2005

Two albums with the same stuff, eventually one will go. Not today though. See one here and the other (flashier version) here. Sidney in her first Halloween costume and includes a trip to the Kennett Halloween parade.

h Christmas 2004

This section includes the traditional Brutscher Christmas Party (album plays music so to speak) and an older version Advent Christmas calendar.

h Christmas 2003

Tracey and Bart's Christmas Party with all the usual suspects is here. There is also an unused test Advent calendar that uses the same images (probable waste of time).

o circa 2003

This album is called Nicole and it may have something to do with an unknown woman named Nicole that wanted information about getting married in St. Thomas and thus this album was born.

o July 2005

Real Golf...some dumb album involving Big Al and a new form of golf.

v Sep 1998 Tracey and Al's Asian Vacation to Japan, China and Thailand. Scanned photos and elementary web pages, but perhaps interesting from an historical perspective. NS
e March 2000 This is an old web site collection that has the "new house," Tracey's knee surgury and Easter 2000 and maybe more. It is kind of a mess, but it works for the most part. NS


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