A compilation of our recent trip to China and Thailand and designed to enlighten our closest friends. No one else could care. 
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Issue 1                                   a completely thoughtless and ill conceived web site                                             Oct. 1998

"In September, the father daughter tourist team of Al and Tracey Geddis traveled to all the important cities in China and Thailand on vacation. Within this exciting web site is their story of events, experiences and talented photos that clearly out does anything you might read in Fodor's, Lonely Planet or Rough Guide. And to make this even better, this one is free."  NY Times
The mandatory, although clickable *, itinerary map
a great map created by us of where we went
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Leaving Philadelphia Pennsylvania US on September 2, we flew to Tokyo, then Beijing, then Xian, then Shanghai, took a train to Hangzhou, flew to Guilin, popped in to Hong Kong, then flew to Chiang Mai in Thailand before flying to our final stop in Bangkok. Included within here are all (most, some?) of the details of what we did at each of those spots, what we saw and who we met along our fabulous journey....Up, Up and Away

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Beijing and surroundings