Brief visit to France November 10-13, 2005 to familiarize Sidney with a new language and demonstrate support for USAir's reorganizational plans.

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France, Reims and Paris 2005

Until a better page can be built, here is a temporary index page for our France trip. Big Al, Tracey and Sidney flew into Charles DeGaulle one Friday morning in early November and met Bobbi and Walter Gumbinger who just happened to have arrived on an earlier flight out of Newark.

Tracey strongly felt that since Sidney was already over seven months old and had never been anywhere in Europe, the time was particularly right. We managed to obtain one of those inexpensive car rentals at the airport and headed out towards Reims (champagne country to the uninitiated). We stayed at a cute little bed and breakfast type place in Reims, trudged through some old dank caves, rode a train back to Paris and tried to avoid the little rioting that was going on at the time. Enjoyed some decent meals here and there (although the portions were always so small) and generally toured the touristy sites looking like...tourists.

We all then jetted home Tuesday morning. Sidney seemed to enjoy the trip most of the time and from a language proficiency standpoint is now above Walter and Big Al. She was quite passionate about the travel brochures and napkins-guess she was already planning a next trip. All in all, like just like most other Fall weekends except without beer and football. In addition to a number of photos, there are several videos here and maybe some other stuff listed on the right.